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About Us!

My name is Amy and I am the founder of MamaBare Organic Care Products! I am a wife and mama to four lively boys!

This amazing MamaBare journey started 6 years ago when I started actually reading the ingredients on the products that I was using for my family! Most of the ingredients I had never heard of or could even pronounce! After doing research, I came to learn that many of the ingredients in the products I was using for my family were actually dangerous and linked to a long list of health problems! YIKES!

The day I realized it was time to be intentional about the products I was using for our family was the day MamaBare Organic Care Products was born! I threw out the old and started the new, venturing onward to design and create products that I could TRUST were safe and healing for my family and your family! MamaBare Organic Care Products are made from the heart, from my family to yours, created with love and nothing less than the best organic, high quality ingredients!

TRUST your products! LOVE your body!


Amy :)